One desk, Three ways.

Are you someone who changes their mind a lot? … sometimes this simplest of workspaces can be given the smallest makeover and completely change the feel of your home office. A refresh is always a good idea if you are feeling a bit stuck. Take a browse through 3 workspaces we have put together using just one desk.  Let us know which one you like best.

img_6811-small-square img_6789-small

It’s always great to start with a wooden desk, that can be sanded back and repainted when you have the “I need a makeover” feeling. We call this look our quirky summer look, taking inspiration from the decorative interiors of the UK and Europe. And even more so, Living Etc our favourite British interiors magazine.

Complete this look with a pop of summer brights from our “Flowers” collection.

img_6845-small img_6855-small

This is our tropical look, for those who are lusting over an island escape. To feel the sand between your toes and cool clear water to dive into, settle for this inspired workspace until you work hard enough to deserve that trip away.

A quick lick of paint, and a change of accessories with a more rustic, natural feel. And of course you will need some art, we choose Urban Road’s ‘In The Deep‘ print in a gold frame. The gold adds a luscious touch, don’t you think? … of course, you will need our “Tropical” stationery collection to complete the look.

img_6893-small img_6897-small

Our final look is a little more girly, pretty and inspired. It reminds us of days under big colourful umbrellas on the coast of Monaco, or lazy around Amalfi Coast, riding mopeds along the windy roads to the next beach spot.

Add some natural elements so it’s not too much and a bit of gold to keep it glamorous, the key is getting the mix right. We recommend our “Summer” collection for this look.