Keep your sanity while working from your home office

Do you have trouble staying focused and on task in your home office? … so do I, but I am trying new ways to stay productive all day long (even if it’s a 12 hour day) so here’s a few pointers I’ve read along the way that have helped. 

1. Firstly spending even a full day, re-organising and re-styling my work space always does wonders for my productivity … I can’t be the only one that let’s their “organisation skills” go a miss every now and again and end up with piles of paper work to sort … and little bits and pieces I need missing in action. So if your finding you are struggling to get through your working day, give your self some time to re-organise … make sure everything has a place, a home … label it, if you have too. 

2. Don’t clutter your working space … I am all for working on the dining room table just so I have more space to spread out house plans, magazine clippings, notebooks, coffee, snacks etc … all these bits take up a lot of room, so the bigger working space the better, but keep that working space free … I don’t like to put to many “decorative pieces” on my actual working area (just a couple to keep me inspired) but mostly I like that space to be clear so I can use it as my “productive” day gets busier and busier. 


3. Throw rugs! … especially through winter, I don’t know what it is about a nice fabric, a bit of lush texture to put across my lap or over my shoulders. Perks of working from home, you can be your ultimate comfy self and if that means sitting on your luxe occasional chair wrapped in a throw instead of at your desk for an hour or two so be it … what ever keeps you going. 


4. Art! … especially if you don’t have big windows and a nice view … some art that you absolutely love and adore should be hung in your work space. Big or small, it’s up to you … But more the merrier. I find things that jog memories of great holidays and adventures keep me looking on the bright side … if I keep focused and keep working hard I might get to go on another exciting travel adventure. 


5. Music! … so very important, I am all about Spotify at the moment, I love the “discover weekly” playlists they put together for you each week. Some upbeat but calm music is a must, something to just have in the background to keep your spirits up through a long day alone in the office. 

6. Speaking of being alone … I’m not too good at it … It definitely effects my mood if I haven’t interacted with another person all day. I’m lucky that a few of my clients are local and have the office space for me to go and work with them in their space for the day when I need too … it’s always a refreshing break for a freelancer to be among other creative company. If you find yourself going a bit stir crazy, go find yourself some company … but be prepared for distractions if you’re a talker like me. 


7. Moodboards … not as common as they once were but still so important … sometimes you just need that hit of inspiration. And if your pin board, filled with things you’ve found recently that you love, is right there it’s quite easy … but quite often it’s on the world wide web that I find my favourite things (quotes, beautiful rooms, furniture, art pieces etc) … so that’s where pinterest comes in … Pinterest has been a life saver to me over the years, whenever I am stuck I just go for a browse, sometimes to my own folders or just on the feed. 


8. Prepare lunch … even if you’re working from home. I find I get the hungriest when I’m most productive and then having to make lunch completely throws me off. So if I just make lunch when I make breakfast at the start of the day, I don’t have to stop at a crucial time. 


9. Take pride in your workspace, you likely spend a lot of time in there so make sure you love it. Fill it with things that make you smile, that make you happy. Spend the time styling your space to suit you, whether that be bright and bold or soft and muted in colour tones. Keep it clutter free and organised but creative. If you need some inspiration on creating your best-styled office, see our previous posts to get a few ideas. 

10. And lastly of course for a highly productive day you need beautiful stationary … very, very important! … I am all about notes and am continually writing lists. Best to have these important lists in lovely notebooks and planners to keep you on track.  Shop our collection here.