Diagnosing a Stationery Addiction

– 12 telltale signs to be on the lookout for –

There is nothing wrong with having a great assortment of stationery on hand. It means you will never be without a pen or notebook and you’ll never leave home without your customised to-do list.

In a modern world filled with technology, its so lovely we still have such a huge passion for all things paper. Our Arty Hearts fans adore the look and feel of good quality stationery, that is both practical and super stylish, and they are not alone! Gorgeous paper products have made a huge comeback in the past few years, and our Arty Hearts team are all just as addicted. Imagine a day in our office!

But when your handbag is being weighed down by all of your diaries, notebooks, to-do lists, pens and pencils, you may be in need of a stationery intervention.

Below are 12 warning signs to be on the lookout for to spot a potential addict:

1) You have the same coloured pen in 10 differently styled casings
2) You keep a pencil and eraser in your handbag at all times
3) You own weird stationery contraptions that most people don’t know exist

4) You won’t use your large collection of adorable erasers because they hold a sentimental place with you now.
5) The smell of freshly sharpened pencils makes you next level happy
6) You have a stash of pencil cases… One to suit every mood (and your outfit)
7) You much prefer a physical calendar over any application on your phone
8) You write daily to-do lists that actually have nothing to do with your day, but you want to show off your fancy customised to-do list and diary. Being super organised is just a bonus

9) You make lists… lots of lists. If list making was an Olympic event, you would get the gold medal. To-do lists, shopping lists, future lists, goals, children names, potential Christmas gifts… If there is an opportunity to create a list, you are all over it, and in the most oh so stylish way.
10) Your favourite day of the year is the ‘Back to School’ shopping day. (Even as an adult you gear up with fresh new stationery for your work and home office.
11) Your friends are never stuck for birthday presents for you… it’s all about the stationery!
12) Finally, your season ‘Must Have’s’ are not about fashion, but paper pretties, then good news!…

Your condition has officially been diagnosed… You are a stationery addict, just like us!
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